It’s a new day and there’s so much to do. But hold on… all you want to do is roll over and go back to sleep. Your baby kept you up half the night… again. 

How can you get through another day feeling so utterly exhausted?

You just have to find a way to wake up in the morning with energy - and it all comes down to a very simple, basic need… sleep! 

All the coffee, vitamin pills, energy drinks, and pick-me-ups in the world won’t help if you are chronically deprived of sleep. 

But there is a solution!

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I can’t fix everything in your life, but I do know how to solve a big problem that is stopping you from enjoying motherhood...

Sleep Deprivation!

My name is, Batya Sherizen and I've been a sleep coach for nearly 10 years now. I LOOOOVE helping fellow parents feel energized and refreshed!

I help families regain control of their sleep and their lives by using my gentle, proven methods that help kids sleep -- and sleep FAST!

I’m working on a new site now, in order to help you sleep in even more REM ways!

 So stay tuned to reach your WILDEST DREAMS (well, at least more dreams than you’re getting now)!

 And if you’re too tired to wait any longer…and you’re SERIOUS about getting sleep now, reach out to me and let’s chat.

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