What if…
I told you that you can get that sleep back into your life? Yes, love, you can become that happy, patient, relaxed, and energized Mommy again!

Sounds too good to be true, right?

I can’t fix everything in your life, but I do know how to help solve one of the most basic problems that is preventing you from enjoying motherhood: baby-induced sleep deprivation!

Once I found out that I was pregnant with my second, I was already dreading the inevitable sleep deprivation that I would face. My older son, at the time almost 2, had FINALLY started sleeping through the night. I had encountered every possible problem under the sun with him, and was nervous to have another baby repeat the same problems. I decided to get help before problems could arise. As a result, my new daughter was on a fairly predictable routine by 1 month and by 9 weeks was giving me 8 hour stretches of sleep at night. She was happy, content, playful and an absolute dream of a baby. I was able to cope with motherhood of two children and get the sleep I needed with my newborn baby.


Mother of Jessica & Samuel

If you keep…

  • Waking up all night with your baby… wondering when you’ll get that rest you need to be a thriving, energized Mamma
  • Wondering when your baby will magically sleep through the night so you can enjoy motherhood again
  • Googling baby sleep help or hanging out in Facebook groups, searching for the answer to save your sleep
  • Dragging yourself through exhausting days, hoping tonight will be better

Yet you dream of…

  • Enjoying motherhood with a rested head and full nights of sleep
  • Time to yourself in the evenings, thanks to Baby’s smooth bedtime and awesome sleep
  • Being that rested mom, that happy person, and whole self again
  • Sleeping 8 hours+ every single night, so you can wake up rested and refreshed, ready to tackle your busy day as a mother

You’re in the right place.

I can help you make your uninterrupted dreams a reality!
I’m Batya Sherizen.

I am a mother of five children & a child sleep expert.

I Thought Exhaustion Was My Lot in Life!
After my first baby was born, I learned firsthand how sleep deprivation can take a toll on a mother’s life. By the time my little guy was eight months old, he woke up every twenty minutes to eat at night and seemed to scream ALL DAY LONG.

Literally. We were both exhausted and miserable – my home was a mess, my work was suffering, my husband and I were stressed out, and, most importantly…I was missing once-in-a-lifetime precious moments of motherhood while lost in a haze of numb exhaustion.

I didn’t want to do cry-it-out, so I let things continue, naively hoping they would magically improve. But when Baby reached ten months and things were getting worse, I realized something had to be done (or I’d lose my mind!) I made a decision to learn everything I could about child sleep, and find a compassionate and effective solution for sleepless nights.

Through research (and TONS of it!), I found a GENTLE way to help my son sleep through the night…and my life changed dramatically for the better.


I started helping neighbors and friends with their kids’ sleep, and soon word spread like wild-fire. Parents were excited to hear about the fast and gentle ways I was helping babies sleep…so that they could be rested (happy!) people again.

And here we are over 10 years later!
And I just LOOOOVE helping parents get what they need most…

A Good Nights Sleep!

See what these Rested Moms have to say…

Draizy says Batya complete changed her family’s life.

Now my Daughter is Sleeping Through the Night!

When our daughter was six months old she wouldn’t nap. She was crabby all day long, whining constantly – we were living a nightmare. My existence as a mother had become absolutely dreadful. Batya taught me how to put my daughter to sleep, and have her stay that way. Thanks to Batya, life and order were restored – and I was able to focus on being a better mother to my daughter. Thank you Batya!


Mother of Bella


Every  baby is a completely unique universe, which is why my Sleep Services are designed to take you from barely surviving, to shining and thriving, Mamma! But here’s the run-down of how long things will take to get you there:

In The Rested Mom Club, you work at your own pace and leisure…with Batya available to help you every step of the way when you are ready.

In Batya’s Serenity Sleep Groups, it takes 4 weeks start to finish until all your sleep goals are met.

When working 1-on-1 with Batya intensively, you’re sleeping faster than you can say “I love sleep” – which is usually 2 weeks.

I have been successfully helping families for 10 years now, and do most (not all) of my Sleep Services over the phone and Skype. This has proven to be super effective as I am available for questions and feedback even on short notice, without the need for travel time for either of us. Although this enables me to keep my prices down, if you would like me to come to your home, we can definitely arrange something together, love!
The joys of nursing are one of the most beautiful bonding experiences you can have with your baby.  And I’m not here to take that away from you! Nope…not One. Little. Bit. Because my Sleep Services are gentle and effective, you can keep breastfeeding up as long as you like…and yes – STILL get your baby sleeping through the night!
My goal is to help you and your family – no matter what!  For The Rested Mom Club, you can stay with us long (or as little) as you like. Because you work at your own pace, the success you have is up to you.  

With my other Sleep Services, I’m so sure that you will get the sleep you need…that I offer my Unconditional Guarantee! That means that no matter what your current sleep situation is, I will work with you until we reach your sleep goals – NO MATTER WHAT.  It’s basically like having an insurance policy for your sleep!  I work with you until we reach your goals, no questions asked.  My rule is that you are not allowed to walk away from working with me until you are 100% satisfied and RESTED.  

P.S. And when all is said and done and your baby sleeps like a champ, you also get an AMAZING bonus when you work with me through my Sleep Groups and 1-on-1.  As a present from me, you receive a PLATINUM membership to my Moms Mastermind Group, which gives you access to me for another year to ask any question that comes up in the future!

Yes, I work with families from all around the world. Time zones and location have never deterred me from my goal of helping sleep deprived parents thrive! Thanks to technology today, international communication is not an issue at all! Of course, that’s only if you speak English though!
I have been helping families sleep for over 10 years now, and it is my absolute mission to restore harmony and sanity to your home! People usually come to me who have either tried other methods that haven’t worked, or they are looking for a gentle solution that doesn’t rely heavily on crying. So if either of those is you, you’re in the right place! I am a mom myself (of 5 delicious kiddos!), and I understand how important it is to remain in touch with yourself throughout this sleep process. I guide you every step of the way, making sure you feel comfortable and confident in everything that we do together.
I have been a child sleep expert for the past 10 years, and run a full time consulting service helping families all around the world.  There is no official academic certification to become a Sleep Coach.  However, what does is exist are certification programs created by other sleep coaches who’ve been in business for a while (like myself).  I am actually in the process of creating such a course…Are you interested? Let me know and I can tell you about it :).

I pride myself in my gentle sleep solutions, and do not advocate intense crying methods, or leaving kids to cry alone AT ALL.  Because of this, parents feel comfortable knowing they can still help their families sleep, without having to compromise their own philosophies in the process.

When I first started my business 10 years ago, there was not an entire industry of sleep coaches (as exists today), and I feel very confident and blessed to have the opportunity to have a job that doesn’t feel like work – I LOVE helping fellow parents empower themselves by giving them the gift of sleep.

You can check out all my Sleep Services here. And to help you figure out which Service is right for you, ask yourself: “Am I the type of person who wants to try this on my own? Am I self-motivated? Do I want to work with Batya directly to get the sleep job done?”  Each Sleep Service is unique, but they can all help you whether you are a gung-ho co-sleeper or want your baby sleeping all night in his own room!
Leaving a baby to “cry it out” can often prove to be detrimental when trying to establish healthy sleeping patterns. Depending on your baby’s age, there may be some crying involved as your baby may get frustrated and simply choose to express that frustration by crying. However, I work with you to ensure that your baby feels emotionally secure at all times. I firmly believe that you must teach healthy sleep habits in a gentle and supportive way, without ever allowing the feelings of abandonment or loneliness to set in.
I work with newborns all the way to 4-5 year olds, but this is how it all works….

If your baby is 0-4 months The Rested Moms Club is the place for you.  Here, you can start working on your baby’s sleep with a Newborn just a few days old (really!). With babies under 4 months of age, it’s really just about setting up a proper foundation for sleep and using preventative measure to get sleep started off on the right foot.  So if you’re looking for newborn help, then The Rested Moms Club is for you!

For babies 4 months – toddlers 5 years and older, the choice is yours!  The Rested Moms Club is for newborns all the way to older toddlers (4-5 years of age), or you can look into my other Sleep Services to see what is a good fit for you and your family.

It is exhausting to be up with one baby at night, and it can be absolutely unbearable to be woken up by more than one child. I can help you with whatever situation you are in. I am here to help guide you through any challenge you are facing – whether it is with one baby or with four!
It is very rare to come across a child who has a true inability to sleep due to physical and chemical imbalances. Parents who think that their baby never sleeps are quite amazed when I help their baby’s sleep improve drastically. Most babies that fight sleep simply never learned the skills to properly wind down and relax for sleep. The ironic result is that they end up fighting sleep even more, causing severe frustration and exhaustion for both the baby and the mother. So the real truth? Your baby is not a lost cause my dear!