Grateful Parents

Thank you for all the skills you’ve taught me. It’s an amazing feeling to know how to give Michael what he needs, when he needs it. I see, that I completely didn’t understand him before and chalked up his irritability to him being a “fussy” baby. We have so much more fun together now, and I’m not exhausting myself trying to figure out his needs- and I’m getting to sleep at night for the first time in 9 months too! You’ve brought so much happiness to this mommy and baby. Your help was the best gift! Thank you!!!!

-Jennie, mother of Michael


I contacted Batya when my twins were 13 months old. They had become a tag team and loved nothing more than waking each other up and eating midnight snacks all night long. I thought maybe it’s always like this with twins because my older daughter never did this. I was extremely skeptical of using Batya’s services…after all, I read many books and their methods didn’t work. I decided to try it because the only thing I had to lose was more sleep. After the first week things significantly improved and by the 2nd week my boys were sleeping 10 hour stretches. Wow! All I can say is that using Batya was the most restful decision I’ve ever made.

-Dina, mother Mimi and Sari


I work on the computer in the afternoon and nighttime hours from my house. When my baby was almost 3 months old, I was going to be returning to work, but was concerned how I would manage to put in the required hours and how I would be able to balance going to sleep late after work and waking up during the middle of the night to feed my baby. Batya helped us work out a napping and feeding schedule which suits my baby’s needs. Having a predictable schedule helped me attend to my baby’s needs and be able to fit in work at times when the baby is either asleep or otherwise occupied. Also, once we started keeping to Batya’s schedule, our baby started sleeping through the night. Batya followed up closely to ensure that things were going okay and she encouraged me to call her anytime with any questions or concerns. I am looking forward to applying the knowledge and tools I gained during the years to come. I would highly recommend her services to anyone!

-Shoshana, mother of David


With so many books around on the subject of baby-rearing, and with family and friends always on hand to give out advice, I can see how it would be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we wouldn’t need the help of a true professional when it comes to sleep-scheduling our babies. I started working with Batya when my daughter was 11 weeks old, and since then, I am a much happier mom and wife and my baby is just…well…happy! I know how much my baby sleeps, when she’s due for a nap, how much she eats in a day, etc. All babies are clearly different, and all parents have our own individual set of needs, and that is why I truly recommend bringing Batya on board to help. Batya made the potentially stressful and tiring process of getting my daughter into a sleeping/eating/playing routine and moving her into her own bed methodical and simple to navigate. She is always accessible and would even check on in me often to see how things were going. She is also great to talk to. I highly recommend her. Batya’s skill-set, knowledge base and ability to trouble-shoot any problem or question leave me with no doubt that over time she will become known as a leading expert in her field.

-Lisa, mother of Katherine


When I first spoke with Batya, I didn’t think she would be able to help me. My baby had been described by everyone as extremely fussy, constantly crying all day long. I was so sleep deprived that I was on the verge of insanity before Batya’s sleep program. Thanks to Batya’s dedication and hard work (and a lot of hard work myself), my baby is MUCH HAPPIER. He sleeps in his own crib, he has a nap and bedtime sleep schedule and we both have some normalcy in our lives. This was the best thing I could have done for my baby. I would recommend any mother to use Batya’s services. She is helpful, patient and passionate about helping both baby and mother have a happier way of life.

-Michal, mother of Nathan


After what seemed like a lifetime (of about 13 months) of struggling with bedtime, we contacted Batya. She walked us through her sleep-training program with practical guidance and warm emotional support too. My baby was so ready for it- and so were we! Bedtime is no longer a frustrating battle and we all feel happier and more refreshed because of it! Thanks Batya!

-Judith, mother of Aaron


Once I found out that I was pregnant with my second, I was already dreading the inevitable sleep deprivation that I would face. My older son, at the time almost 2, had FINALLY started sleeping through the night. I had encountered every possible problem under the sun with him, and was nervous to have another baby repeat the same problems. I decided to get help before problems could arise. As a result, my new daughter was on a fairly predictable routine by 1 month and by 9 weeks was giving me 8 hour stretches of sleep at night. She was happy, content, playful and an absolute dream of a baby. I was able to cope with motherhood of 2 children and get the sleep I needed with my newborn baby.

-Rikki, mother of Jessica (and Samuel)


My son was three months old and everything was all over the place. He barely slept, seemed to cry all the time, and was never satisfied after eating. With her great experience and knowledge of babies, Batya helped me tremendously. I told her what was going on and it didn’t take her long to figure out the exact problems as well as a plan of action to fix them. Her advice was thought out, clear and practical. She also helped me to realize what I was doing and why so that I could learn to ask the right questions on my own. Additionally, she understands the importance of routine not only for babies, but for mothers as well. She is confident and determined in her work and was always there for me when I had questions. Her balance of professionalism and care made sticking to her advice easy and reassuring.

-Mimi, mother of Donny


When our daughter was six months old she wouldn’t nap. She was crabby all day long, whining constantly – we were living a nightmare. My existence as a mother had become absolutely dreadful. Batya taught me how to put my daughter to sleep, and have her stay that way. Thanks to Batya, life and order were restored – and I was able to focus on being a better mother to my daughter. THANK YOU BATYA!

-Devorah, mother of Bella


By the time our son was five-and-a-half months old, he was still waking up three or four times a night to eat. We were both so exhausted and frustrated. We needed sleep to function and to be good parents! We had heard about the different methods of teaching him to sleep through the night, but we were so skeptical. After all, our son is a stubborn little guy who knows what he wants, and we thought that there was no way in the world we could ever teach him about the joys of sleeping through the night. We didn’t want to be so mean by letting him cry it out and we were basically at our wit’s end. We decided to contact Batya because we needed help. Well, we followed Batya’s program to a T (as consistency is the key), and within less than a week our baby was sleeping through the night. Not only were we happier, but our well-rested son developed a much more pleasant nature as well. As new parents shooting in the dark, it really helped to have the guidance of an experienced coach and parent!

-Naomi, mother of Issac


My seven-month-old baby, Fayge, was addicted to sleeping in my bed and nursing all night long. I was starting to feel crowded and harassed in my sleep – yet after a long day of looking after my family I needed a good rest. It was not a good situation. If I tried to put her in her own crib, she would wake up every two hours screaming to be nursed. I spoke to Batya a few times about this problem but I always found some excuse not to start her program. I tried, half-heartedly, to implement other sleep training ideas I’d gleaned from books and friends, but I found that there was no progress – I was just torturing myself and my baby for no good reason. Finally, after a friend suggested to me that I would be doing my baby a big favor by letting her learn that she can put herself to sleep and stay asleep, I called Batya again. This time I was serious! I started to put Batya’s plan into action. I realized that I would have to follow it exactly -consistency was the key! It wasn’t easy but it was much better than the futile cry-it-out torture we’d been through before. On the first night, Fayge slept 4 hours in a row in her own bed. Great news! The second night she did the 12pm to 6 am stretch. I was so happy – especially when this remained constant for a few more nights. I had found my solution and I was so grateful to Batya. You can imagine my surprise when, a few nights later, Fayge slept 11 hours straight! She decided independently that she no longer needed her midnight snack. Since then three months have passed and Fayge has generally slept from 7pm till 7am, barring a few exceptions of illness and family events. I really feel like the quality of my life has improved so much now that we have a schedule and I know that is important for Fayge and my other son too. All I can say is Thank God for Batya!

-Bluma, mother of Fayge


Working with Batya is a real pleasure! Her friendly, warm, accepting and professional attitude give you confidence in yourself — that you (and your baby) will succeed. Her ideas are practical and easy to implement, and what’s more, she’s completely willing to work with you and find an approach that suits you and meets your family’s needs. Batya supports you throughout the process, checking in without being pushy, following up to make sure things are working out. Generous with her time and truly concerned about your needs, Batya is the first person to turn to when you and your family just can’t take it anymore!

-Malka, mother of Chaim


I had reached the point of absolute insanity. My 10 month old baby slept in my bed, waking up every 45 minutes to nurse. He was irritable all day, never seemed content, and I was beginning to HATE motherhood. I thought this was how everyone’s babies acted, until a good friend of mine suggested I seek some help. After a brief conversation with Batya, I realized that there were other options with my baby and that I just needed to take the leap. After I completed the log for a few days, we realized that my baby had eating, sleeping and scheduling issues all rolled into one! Batya created a plan for me and in a little over a week I had a new baby. He was happy and fussed rarely. It took consistency on my part, but the support she offered me made it possible to continue forward. If I would have known how pleasant my son could have been, I would have contacted Batya 10 months earlier. Thank you!!!

-Monique, mother of Skyler


After 5 months of co-sleeping with my son Benny, I was totally exhausted and drained…I was at my wit’s end. He was up 5 times a night and always needed to nurse back to sleep. I tried all the books: No-Cry Sleep Solution, Baby Whisperer, and even Ferber – but nothing worked. In my desperate search, I found Batya. After speaking with her for just a few minutes in her free consultation, I learned that all babies have different personalities and needs. Batya created a detailed and realistic plan to transition Benny from my bed to his crib. B”H he’s now 10 months and a great sleeper! The sleep-deprived nights are just a distant memory thanks to Batya. Calling Batya was the best thing I ever did.

-Sara, mother of Benny


I contacted Batya when my baby was 7 months old. I was co-sleeping and VERY ready for my baby to be out of my bed. He was up all night nursing and having him close by seemed like the only solution for sleep. Well, calling Batya was the best thing I ever did! Now we now all sleep great…and in our own beds too! You won’t regret working with her – she’s simply the best!

-Meredith, mother of Josh


Until my baby was 13 months old, he did not sleep through the night ONCE, a 2 hour stretch was a good night! No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get him into any sort of schedule… We had no night, no day, and no idea what to do. I read books, consulted everyone, and tried everything. Nothing worked. I was a little skeptical before calling Batya, “what is she going to tell me that I don’t already know…” “She is going to tell me to let him cry and leave the room…” Well, I have to say – Batya was just amazing! After speaking to me Batya made a plan unique to my child, and as needed, we adjusted the plan according my son’s personality and needs. I didn’t have to leave my baby crying, I didn’t have to put life on hold. Batya was sensitive and patient in creating a schedule that works with real life and the changes that come with it. By the end of the third week – my baby was falling asleep in his own crib, with a good night kiss and a hug. My son is almost 2 now. I’ve had no problems since, even when traveling or on holidays we are able to maintain a realistic schedule, with a good night sleep. Best thing I ever did!

– Norah, mother of Kensington


My life has absolutely changed – for the better! I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant to use Batya. How could someone else help me with my baby’s sleep? But, after speaking with her, I just fell in love with her straight away. She was so professional, understanding, and non-judgmental that all of my fears melted away in her knowledgeable arms. Within a week’s time there was significant improvement, and after that his sleep progressed beautifully. I’m now a well rested mum, and my son benefits from his sleep as well as having rested parents! THANK YOU BATYA!

-Madeline, mother of Johny

I didn't want to do cry-it-out with my 7 month-old... Thanks to Batya's gentle methods we were all sleeping a 6 hour stretch after only 5 days!

Zoe, mother of Aaron

I was so confused by all the information I'd read...I didn't know what would work with MY baby. Batya's unique, tailor-made plan was worth every penny.

Pamela, mother of Bella

Thanks to Batya, I now have evenings back to myself. I can leave my twins with a sitter, confident that they won't be up screaming!

Sarah, mother of Doni and Eli