Party Like a Free Spirit

Your baby’s mood determines his entire persona and demeanor. Have you ever wondered how two children from the same set of parents can have such dissimilar behavior and personalities? free spirit babySome kids will be serious and analytical, while others will be more easy-going and relaxed, ready to take on the world with a full and happy heart. Your child’s free-spirit level is based on his general temperament in response to all things he encounters. Does he enjoy running around outside chasing the birds or does he prefer to sit at home and quietly work on a project?

All babies and toddlers are joys to be around, and it’s amazing how each child is so very different! My eldest son, who inspired both this site and my entire consulting service (read more about how he did this here!) is a very analytical, serious child. Of course he likes to run outside and ride his bike, but he’s generally much happier doing a project or something else that requires deep concentration. One of my daughters, on the other hand, falls into a different category. As a completely free spirit she loves nothing more than running outdoors chasing ladybugs. (she has a funny hobby – don’t ask!) Concentrating on a task at hand is more or a chore for her than for my son. Two children, same parents, two totally different sets of temperament!

Just last week we had a lot of company over, and my kids got very overwhelmed. They were overtired and felt chaotic with so many people in their house. Bedtime was off, and of course they absolutely fell apart. This free spirited daughter of mine, however, had an absolute blast! Sure she was tired, and of course she was also thrown off…but her temperament made her adapt to the situation a lot easier to the point where she even had a great time :).

How the free-spirited baby sleeps

A free-spirited baby may have a hard time settling down for a nap just because the world is so much fun! On the other hand, a more serious baby may have difficulty winding down for bedtime only because he is thinking so much about everything around him and analyzing it so much.

For a free-spirited baby, you may need to tackle bedtime routine differently and ensure that it isn’t over-stimulating…allowing him proper time to really wind down for sleep and get into a calm, relaxed state. Otherwise, bedtime can turn into a power struggle as he’ll just want to stay awake and be silly while you’d much prefer he just go to sleep! A more serious baby will welcome bedtime routine (as well as all types of rituals) because it’s predictable and expected.
The bottom line is to get to know your baby to determine what makes him happy – both for activities during the day and winding down for sleep itself at night.

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I didn't want to do cry-it-out with my 7 month-old... Thanks to Batya's gentle methods we were all sleeping a 6 hour stretch after only 5 days!

Zoe, mother of Aaron

I was so confused by all the information I'd read...I didn't know what would work with MY baby. Batya's unique, tailor-made plan was worth every penny.

Pamela, mother of Bella

Thanks to Batya, I now have evenings back to myself. I can leave my twins with a sitter, confident that they won't be up screaming!

Sarah, mother of Doni and Eli