I know you…
better than you think…
WHY? Because I’ve been there myself!
When my baby was eight months old, he woke up every twenty minutes to eat at night and seemed to scream


Literally. We were both exhausted and miserable.

So I get it…

you’re that drained, worn-out, and run down Mama searching for sleep and not sure where to start.

You need sleep to function, and you don’t know how much longer you can stay in this sleep-deprived-merry-go-round.

And honestly? All the coffee, vitamin pills, energy drinks, and pick-me-ups in the world won’t help if you are chronically deprived of sleep.

This sleep deprivation is a form of torture that you’re convinced you’ll have to endure forever…


My son was three months old and everything was all over the place. He barely slept, seemed to cry all the time, and was never satisfied after eating. With her great experience and knowledge of babies, Batya helped me tremendously. I told her what was going on and it didn’t take her long to figure out the exact problems as well as a plan of action to fix them. Her advice was thought out, clear and practical. She also helped me to realize what I was doing and why so that I could learn to ask the right questions on my own. Additionally, she understands the importance of routine not only for babies, but for mothers as well. She is confident and determined in her work and was always there for me when I had questions. Her balance of professionalism and care made sticking to her advice easy and reassuring.


Mother of Donny

So let’s get real for a minute…

Do you want to continue dragging yourself through your days exhausted and cranky, or do you want to start enjoying your life and your baby again?

Imagine having all the tools you need to help your baby sleep…and ALL in your back pocket?

Well love, this imaginary place is real — and it’s where we end your search for baby sleep help.

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Christine and Doug now enjoys sleep, free time, and date nights again!

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Mom & Baby

Here’s what it’s about…

Here you’ll find all the support, guidance, and tools you need to make a solid game plan to get sleep…and get sleep now.

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Join the Rested Moms Club
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When our daughter was six months old she wouldn’t nap. She was crabby all day long, whining constantly – we were living a nightmare. My existence as a mother had become absolutely dreadful. Batya taught me how to put my daughter to sleep, and have her stay that way. Thanks to Batya, life and order were restored – and I was able to focus on being a better mother to my daughter. Thank you Batya!


Mother of Bella


Trust Me.
The only thing you have to lose is MORE sleep…

And I know, because I’ve helped hundreds of families going through the exact same sleep challenges you are facing RIGHT NOW.

When I started my sleep journey ten years ago, I was overwhelmed and confused, drowning in too much information that I didn’t have time to read.

That’s why I’ve created an easy, simple solution that gives you sleep now, and makes those Zzz’s stick for years to come, too. In The Rested Moms Club you’ll get real guidance and reference at any hour of the day (ahem, or night).

Because your time is way too precious to waste it searching Google or Facebook for sleep answers…

So it’s time to stop getting up night after endless night with your baby. And it’s time to start living your life.

The only question is: Are you ready?
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The Rested Moms Club is all about helping you sleep, but it’s also all about giving you a community and support to help you while you reach your sleep goals. It’s jam-packed with tons to help you, with hours upon hours of videos I’ve made, interactive documents, and amazing sleep tips. But best of all, you’ll get one LIVE, group Q+A call with me, and WEEKLY, LIVE “pick my brain” sessions to make sure you have solid sleep on the way!
We are gonna offer the best sleep advice as possible here, but if you need a personalized plan or detailed advice, I invite you to check out for my Serenity Sleep Groups or 1-on-1 Sleep Package. Both will get you sleeping faster than you can say “gooood mornin’!”
As a fellow mother, I know how valuable it is to have support and guidance on all fronts of your life. I have an amazing lineup of experts that come in and share their pearls of wisdom with you…to help you with not only your sleep, but ALL aspects of your life: nutrition, life balance, parenting, self-care, bonding with your children, and much, much more!
Heck yes it is! First, the price tag is really wonderful for you, $397 JUST $297 (less than you probably spend at Starbucks every few months!). Second, I’m giving you tons of amazing sleep information PLUS live calls to help guide you along the way…Does it get better than this?
You’ll get amazing advice and support when you ask Q’s in our Exclusive Facebook group, where I have live, weekly “pick my brain” sessions.  This way you have constant access to me to ask me all the questions you want.  Plus, we’ll also have LIVE calls for Q+A each month to ensure you’re on track with your sleep.
Once you join our community, you are no longer alone on your sleep journey. You have everyone there to discuss ideas with, your progress with sleep, and what your life is like now that you’re on the other side of sleep. You can tell us how amazing it feels to have evenings back to bond with your husband and drink wine, what it’s like waking up rested and refreshed. You get support and gain support: it’s oh-so-empowering! Also, I will personally be there in the group to hop in and answer questions, share sleep tips, etc. but what you gain is the support and guidance not only of me…but from other moms in the same boat too 🙂
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